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Anyway : the via combusta is debilitating, and we see this immediately echoing in the chart with the primary rulers of 1st and 5th house not having aspect and only through the Moon does the chart work Moon granting a positive reult perhaps indicating that through emotional or group interrelationships the result will be provided - resolution of charts being a more advanced topic Does this help Cairene?

Reshape Your Boundaries: Saturn in the Via Combusta

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I have one with this just now. For traditional rulers probably describe love better but depends on client description Ruler of querant is Venus and co-ruler is the moon.

Ruler of quesited 5th house question is Saturn ruler of Aquarius and the co-ruler the Moon. Additional co-rulers of the 5th are Sum, Jupiter and Venus. Does that assist Cairene? The problem for the Horary Practitioner is to resolve whether this is either a 5th or 7th house Often the question will show immediately if the question is 5th or 7th house but sometimes this signature describing the other party needs to be used.

The Burning Way (Via Combusta) - Walter C Cambra - Hermetic Library

So 5th house ruler in this chart is Saturn Rx in the 12th House in Libra - that "Saturn Rx in the 12th House in Libra" combination should describe the other party OR as you so rightly say it could be the 7th house in this case ruler of 7th is Sun and sun in the 5th in Pisces should describe or relate to the other party. In any case a quick question comparing the two to the client will confirm which of the two to use either 5th or 7th.

For each particular chart the rulers should be directly obvious from what the client is asking - if not then ask questions back and forth until the either the rulers are obviously exposed to the Horary Practitioner or use a new chart So I guess, yes, 3rd for text and 7th for "him" - but as always the chart must describe the situation. Explanations really helped! Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 4 guests.

We see where it looks like it might get messy. As I pointed out in the introductory article to the Lunar Mansion series , it was not uncommon for astrologers to focus more on spiritual purity and perfection while sort of ignoring reality. Anciently it was referred to as Chelae, or the Claws. Zuben Elgenubi is the Southern Scale of Libra and is of the nature of Saturn and Mars, this star also lies closer to Scorpio though, paradoxically, it is earlier in Zodiacal longitude than the benefic star Zuben Elschelami.

So, this second half of Libra closest to Scorpio is the realm of this malevolent star then you go through some other unfortunate stars until you get into the heart —the middle — of Scorpio and the Royal Star Antares which acts like an oasis in this unfortunate part of the sky. It could be possible that the second half of Libra begins the Via Combusta with the dominance of Zuben Elgenubi and continues until the middle of Scorpio until we reach Antares whose promises of honors and fortune remedy and end the Burnt Path.

The shorter lengths of the Via Combusta are probably due to the exact falls of the luminaries. This sounds pretty close to what the Picatrix, Ficino, and Dariot tells us and it does make some philosophical sense that the degrees between would be unfortunate. So, which measurement to use?

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Arguments have been made for both, however the Lunar Mansions for this area of the zodiac might give additional weight to an argument. The lunar mansions function as a lunar zodiac of sorts, and common sense would dictate that areas where the Moon is weak would have malevolent meanings to them. Robson tells us this mansion is bad for everything except freeing prisoners and the Picatrix shares some rather dastardly talismans that this mansion is used for. The other two mansions have largely positive and beneficial meanings, associations, and talismans that go with them.

As for horary application, it is generally considered a consideration before judgment to see if the Moon is in the Burnt Path. Bonatti tells us to make sure we understand the question completely before going forward, though the questions asked with the Moon in the Via Combusta will not go well and is an automatically negative testimony.

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It is also considered a place of extreme distress of the querent who is very much troubled by the question. Unfortunately, traditional sources are lacking in examples. So are we talking about Sidereal placements or tropical placements? When you look at a lot of ancient concepts in astrology such as rulership, critical degrees, etc.

Is the mansion Vishaka in this area of the sky now, did it used to reside there, or is it associated with a star in this area? But yes, you do see this problem a lot in Western adaptations of Eastern techniques, like Western lunar mansions will stay still, sometimes, depends on who you want to listen to. The mystics typically say they move, whereas the astrologers say they stay put.

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I realized my error there. Thinking in two zodiacs can be difficult.

Via Combusta - Astrology Encyclopedia

Other Western sidereal astrologers attribute this move to political compliance with the same Astronomers who held that the sun circled the earth, and that the astronomical model that correctly accounts for precession and axial tilt was ignored in favor of a solar system model that had the sun orbiting the earth.

Except for the Chinese system of course, but even that calendar is lunar rather than seasonal. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Horary Astrology Love Series (Pt. 1)

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