Sagittarius astrology january 10

The upside is an ability to handle practical affairs, a skill that we could all do well to cultivate today.

Sun enters Scorpio

The downside is a tendency to conceal our real feelings. Hang on, though: come to think of it, that can be a positive advantage! Events that take place very soon will provide you with an opportunity to rebuild bridges and find permanent solutions to seemingly intractable partnership problems. Some difficulties may be solved with a little extra spending, but mainly with more emotional grit. It is for you to gauge the moods of close companions and associates.

However, at least one person is making it particularly difficult for you to fathom what their long-term plans are, let alone why they should be acting so incredibly strangely. What appears to be arrogance and intransigence is really the belligerent planet Mars urging you to stand up for yourself whatever the opposition. Face obstacles with courage and determination, and throw money at any problems which can be bought off.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – January 12222

Steering others through a difficult patch will both lift your own morale and foster happiness among close friends and relatives. These people are usually very talented and intelligent, so they can be successful in many careers. Later you will see a couple of famous people who are your birthday twins, so it can help you decide which career may be best for you. Now you will have the opportunity to see something about the symbols, colors and numbers that are lucky for people born on January People born on January 10 have their lucky colors and they are usually brown and other earth tones. Brown is the color that symbolizes tradition and stability.

Another color that could be lucky for Capricorns born on January 10 is dark green. Days that are considered to be lucky for all people born on January 10 are Sunday, Thursday and Monday. It is also believed that Saturday is a lucky day for all people born under Capricorn zodiac sign. Numbers that are lucky for Capricorns born on January 10 are 1, 10, 19, 28, 46, 55 and There is also a birthstone that could bring luck in the life of a Capricorn and it is usually Garnet.

This stone is a symbol of awareness and loyalty. If you are born on January 10, it is recommended for you to wear this stone as a part of your accessories, such as bracelets, etc. The flower that is considered to be lucky for people born on January 10 is carnation.

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It is also interesting to mention that people born on January 10 have their lucky metal and it is usually silver. If you have your birthday on January 10, you should wear pendants and other accessories made of silver. If you are searching for a gift that you could give to someone born on January 10, you should choose something romantic and sentimental. Even though people born on January 10 seem to be strong, they are very sentimental and they love little gifts that will be a sign of love and affection. They prefer little and original gifts rather than big birthday presents.

People born on January 10 would also like to go to a massage or somewhere where they could be nurtured. There are also many other events that happened on January 10 all over the history.

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Now you will see which famous people are born on January 10 and what are their careers. As we have already mentioned, there are many famous people who are born on January First of all, we have to mention an American journalist and writer William Levy, who was born on January 10, There is also a British songwriter and rock star Rod Stewart, who is born on January 10, It is also interesting to mention an American astronomer and physicist Robert Woodrow Wilson, who was born on January 10, We will also mention a couple of other people who are born on January 10 and who have made great careers.

A popular Indian movie actor Hrithik Roshan is born on January 10, We have also to mention a popular tv actress from Mexico, Zuria Vega, who is born on January 10, Other famous people born on this day are rock singer Pat Benatar, born in , tv actor Tony Gardner, born in , rapper Chris Smith, born in , rock singer Brent Smith, born in , screenwriter Butch Hartman, born in , Instagram star Torey Tomsovic, born in , and many others. As you can see, there are many different professions that you can choose if you are born on January People born on that day are very talented and they can be successful in many different careers, as we have already said before.

In this article you had the opportunity to see something more about January 10 and its symbolism. This is an excellent solar eclipse for starting things, especially new and exciting things.

January 1 to 19 — Mars in your decan gives the strength, courage and initiative to complete the hardest of tasks and start new projects. So long as you channel this aggressive and competitive energy constructively, you can get a lot of hard work done in a short amount of time.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – January

Increased sex drive and physical attractiveness add passion to your love life. You will find yourself taking a more responsible attitude to all your affairs, from work to partners and your family. You may be called on to fulfill important duties or take on a leadership role. Relationships, especially with men and family members will be strengthened by mutual respect and understanding.

But different areas of your life may not be working in the same direction. Patience and self-discipline could lead to professional success and recognition. You may take on more responsibility but have to deal with a little more stress.

December 12 to March — Saturn sextile your decan again gives the patience, stamina and self-confidence to take on more responsibility. Achievement, success, and recognition are possible but this could also be a building phase towards achieving your long term goals. You may receive guidance and help from a father figure, or be a mentor to younger people.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Your interests and activities are likely to broaden and could include further study or long-distance travel. You could increase your wealth through investments, business deals or plain good luck. December 14 to 30 — Jupiter conjunct Saturn culminating on December 21 brings opportunity, growth and good fortune. Fated events, lucky breaks or deliberate actions will create opportunities for personal and professional growth. This could involve higher education, the law, religion, spirituality, long-distance travel, a new career or business, or a new relationship.

Heightened beauty, charm and sex appeal make it more likely that you will find your perfect match if dating. Shopping, investing and decorating benefit from your good fashion sense and an eye for a bargain. Your Sagittarius horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Sagittarius Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors.