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From July 8th the story starts to change. By July 19th what we thought we knew, near June 28th — we do not. Hang in there. Mercury, the planet which rules Twitter, newspapers, television stations, speeches, statements, computers, telephones and paperwork is going forwards.

Then he goes backwards. Then he vanishes. Then he goes forwards again, but the story will change — or even be scrapped. But at last it will feel as if we are finally getting the truth. Mars is also in Leo, July 2nd through August 18th, Mars is the red planet and it shows battles. This is going to be like some epic Georgian feud involving a monarch and the heirs to his throne — and those against them. Again, Leo rules monarchy and the clue is in the name. Astrology is about history.

Going even further back, to the Leo node cycle of January 6th through September 20th The Guardian. The counts against Epstein allege that he drew dozens of underage girls to his home on the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Prosecutors will allege some of the girls were as young as If convicted, Epstein could face up to 45 years in federal prison, according to the New York Times. As the Epstein saga moves back into public view the White House could come under the spotlight.

This was a long piece I wrote on the Leo weather in astrology , which was historic, dramatic and pulled in everything from Lolita, the notorious book by Nabokov, to the same famous names now being mentioned in connection with the Epstein arrest by at least two major international media outlets. And counting. An unclear, patchy or obscured period. It is neither negative nor positive. It just does not show you, what it normally should. On a world scale we will see cover-ups involving the British royal family, but also the American White House family ….

He then jumped over her in the line of succession…. What happens when the heir has no children, and the spare may be gay? What happens when the royal bedchamber, that home of royal privilege, allows the ruler to do whatever he pleases, with whom he pleases, whatever the laws of the day might say about sex? Scorpio is usually written about in astrology books as the sign to associate with the unacceptable side of sex. Leo is not immune. Promiscuity leads to sexually transmitted disease. There is nothing particularly noble, regal or dignified about V.

Vladimir Nabokov produced Lolita in during the long Pluto in Leo cycle. The power of sex. The power of the teenager. This was not a charming tale of courtly love, knights and damsels. It was the story of a nymphet step-daughter and her middle-aged stepfather. I do not know if he has yet been compared to Tiberius. Does Leo turn up in his birth chart? There are still two conflicting birth times for Trump. The Leo mythology at the White House suggests we can expect trouble at the court, though. Those eclipses, and the arrival of not only Ceres but two long Mercury Retrograde periods in Leo, points to all manner of complication by The young heir apparent, Barron Trump the clue is in the name is ten years old and also known as Little Donald.

Former wives Ivana and Marcia Maples are also in the family tree. A very Leo thing happened in on the last major Leo Node cycle. Sun Leo U. President Bill Clinton was acquitted in his impeachment trial for allegedly lying about his affair with Sun Leo intern Monica Lewinsky. Bill was King. The people rose up against him, but he kept his crown.

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The North Node in Leo is about debts and credits from the last cycle, after all. The Node in transit can sometimes confront us. We are seeing the Clinton connection with Epstein raise uncannily similar questions on social media, to those which circulated about him and his fellow much younger Leo Monica Lewinsky back in We are also seeing Trouble in the Court of King Trump.

As for the British Royal Family, we have no idea what those cover-ups have been, across the recent Leo eclipse weather. But cover-ups are a keynote of such times. Please recall the original astrology prediction I am filing this on July 8th over the next few weeks — in regard to messy information, a scrapped and changing story and the long quest for truth. Keep asking questions! If you want to know more about how astrology predicts the future using the Eclipse and North Node and South Node cycle, please come to my Stonehenge and Avebury Astrology Walk launch — where we will talk about why Stonehenge is an eclipse and node calculator — on Monday, 15th July, at The Astrological Lodge of London , near Baker Street.

NASA are celebrating — but do you also have reason to celebrate? What does it mean for your horoscope? We are seeing a huge number of Moon-related books taking over the internet in July How do astrologers see this partial lunar eclipse on the Moon Landing 50th anniversary though? It falls in Capricorn at one end ambition to get to the top and Cancer at the other home. I am sure you can see how the Apollo Moon Mission itself, at the end of the Sixties, was about being first to fly the homeland flag as part of the most ambitious plan of the 20th century.

That pattern might be in your own life. Perhaps that was when you left home to go to university. It may be in the lives of the people around you — partners, friends, family. In July these old loops in time are back. We grow up with the moon in nursery rhymes so as adults we tend to think we know it. Why not? Because the moon is in shadow. And you will be too. We will all be overshadowed by a lack of visibility.

This is a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse which will affect every zodiac sign not just Capricorn. It means that the earth crosses between the Sun and Moon casting a shadow on the lunar surface. Even though you might feel you need to do something about the Capricorn-ruled area of your life this is career, if you have personal birth factors in Capricorn too — hold off. This applies to people you know as well. If they are actually Capricorn, or have horoscope factors in that sign, then they have patterns which are about success, achievement, ambition, social climbing, social status, rank, position, mission and ambition.

These are more intense in July as Pluto and Saturn are also in Capricorn. The squeeze is on! Yet — astrology tells us, as does history, that if you act or judge on an eclipse, you do so without full awareness or knowledge. An eclipse conceals it never reveals. Eclipses are rather like driving a car with one or both headlights broken. Instead, what we get on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings, right on this eclipse, is blind spots, cover-ups and patchy vision. In Great Britain you can see this eclipse from Moonrise between 9pm and 10pm depending on your location.

The rest of the world, from New York to Melbourne, will be experiencing it at different stages, live on Twitter — make sure you follow the hashtag Moon50 to track its progress. In a moment I will look at your Sun Sign or solar sign chart, which shows the weather forecast for you in astrology and everyone else born under your sign. In astrology tradition states that the regions or countries where an eclipse is visible, suggest where there is a national blackout, blind spot or cover-up taking place.

It takes a transit, or pattern, crossing the same zodiac sign Capricorn at the same degree as the eclipse 24 degrees later on, for us to understand that the jigsaw pieces were missing in a very dark puzzle. This will happen in January It will honestly take that long for transits to cross over 24 Capricorn and wake us up to July The life and times of Diana, Princess of Wales, began with two eclipses either side of her wedding to Prince Charles the cover-up was his love for a married woman, Camilla Parker-Bowles and continued until she passed, with another eclipse and a further cover-up according to all the laws of astrology.

You can also find them named in the index of the now-classic Andrew Morton book on the Princess of Wales, written with her full co-operation. It is virtually her autobiography. These two astrologers are rather like the William Lilly or Dr. John Dee of their day both these astrologers were also closely entwined with the fate of the royal family in Great Britain.

And they have an incredible story to tell. We also find eclipses playing a part in the saga of Lance Armstrong — a sports cover-up of epic proportions — and the assassination of John F. Make no mistake. Eclipses leave us in the dark and the cover-up is often stunning.

This last point is important. I was giving a talk in rather chaotic conditions at The Astrological Lodge of London on Monday 15th July, when yet again their computer failed to show my films and photographs. I turned to paper instead and was looking for a blank piece to write on, using a large flip-chart. I found an old scrawl from years ago, by me I recognised my own handwriting showing…the chart of President John F. He was killed on the year of a sweeping American eclipse. They say everything goes in threes — we find two of the previous American presidents, John F.

Kennedy and Ronald Reagan — both entwined with unusual Moon cycles in their lives and careers. In fact, Reagan turned to an astrologer, Joan Quigley, for advice during his term, particularly after surviving an assassination attempt. Yet — even without it — these eclipses in the sign of Cancer the nation and Capricorn leadership are dark days for him. As the leader of the nation he is symbolically tangled up in the cover-ups and blind spots of July and they will culminate in peak crisis in January Be aware that you are not aware. This can be for quite harmless reasons.

Someone is planning a surprise birthday party for you. Not surprisingly, eclipses also tally with crime. Murder, even. Conspiracy and corruption. We just saw a New York blackout in July People blamed this on Mercury Retrograde, as they are inclined to blame everything on Mercury Retrograde, but a blackout is literally the impact of an eclipse — and July began with a total eclipse.

What was being covered up in Manhattan, or who was being covered up? As astrologers and astrology readers, we should always ask questions at such times. The New York blackout of July also ran alongside a freak result for England against New Zealand in a cricket tournament worth millions. That freakish outcome must have paid handsomely to lucky gamblers. Or were they more than lucky?

Prince Andrew served at the final. He had only just been named in connection with Jeffrey Epstein, and his underage sex trafficking circle — and of course Epstein had his apartment door kicked down and broken into by the F. We absolutely should predict the future. Astrology is for the people, by the people. You can watch this lunar eclipse with the naked eye, but what you are seeing, astrologically, is what you are not seeing! This eclipse is unusual because this Full Moon in Capricorn is in the same house of your horoscope life department as Pluto, Saturn and the South Node.

So, most intensely in the last 12 months, for the first and last time your life, you are experiencing big questions about power and control Pluto , patience and stamina Saturn and karma going back in 19 year cycles South Node regarding just one concern in your life. If you look around you, just about every other person you see is tired.

There is a good reason for that. We are all being pulled, slowly, through an excruciatingly long period of tests and trials, courtesy of Capricorn weather. If you are a Premium Member you will know that the more Capricorn factors you have in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work and university life — the bigger the drag! For more in-depth reading on Saturn in Capricorn in your life — the cycle that demands staying power in the face of unavoidable life lessons — look at a previous astrology feature here.

If you have Capricorn factors even just one in your personal birth chart, as a Premium Member you can check that now, on screen. This means that the eclipse for the anniversary of the Moon landing is a cover-up or blind spot regarding your career, unpaid work or university degree. This eclipse is falling in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition, position and mission. Best to avoid judgement calls and action plans at such times.

On a world scale, The Capricorn Effect are are set to see in December , January is triggered by this eclipse. The cover-ups involving the people at the top Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens will have their final answer in about six months. You can read more about this history-making, life-changing period here as 12th January is the date that transforms the planet. From North Korea to the United States, there is no going back — but it all starts Tuesday 16th July with a huge blind spot for all of us. I no longer trust the astrological charts of Donald Trump or people in his world, like Jeffrey Epstein, for some very good reasons.

Yet, we hear Epstein is a Sun Capricorn. In which case — it may well be that particular goat who brings towers down, towers being modern equivalents of the old Roman mountains of astrology. GEMINI — Finance, property, business, charity, valuable possessions, taxes, shares, rent, mortgage, legacy, will, insurance. CANCER — Wife, husband, former partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, professional partner, enemy, opponent, rival, other half. You are in Capricorn weather which is taking you back to the years about 19 years ago. Now is the time to try and appreciate how that period in your life affects today.

In general, in the areas of your life listed above, you are experiencing profound delays, tests of your patience, obstacles like jumping over hurdles at the Olympics and a real education. It may feel as if this cycle has been with you for years. It began in and intensified with the arrival of Saturn and the South Node both in Capricorn — felt tremendously in This cycle eases up hugely when Jupiter the planet of solutions enters Capricorn in December It is mostly over from December when Saturn leaves Capricorn!

So, you are in this for the long haul, but you also have light at the end of the tunnel. That zone of your chart will become like new. You will have made it through — and learned a lot. If you are curious about the karmic aspects of what you are going through with this Capricorn weather, thanks to the South Node in Capricorn, you can read more about that here:.

Part of the reason for that is the two eclipses we just saw across a New Moon and Full Moon in July There are 24 secrets locked up in Full Moons, as each time we experience them, the Sun is in one of 12 zodiac signs, and the Moon in another of the 12 signs. Lunar Eclipses give us cover-up jobs, blind spots and obscured or blacked-out situations.

These also happen on a Full Moon, so we have another 24 messages…. The 50th Moon secret, and the most important of all, is your own Moon sign. Knowing this is just as important as knowing your Sun sign, or regular zodiac sign. What does your Moon sign say about you? In this extract from the 1 Amazon astrology list bestseller, Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide, I will look at the Moon sign you were born with and how it shows aspects of your personality and life. The Moon rules nurses, cooks, mothers and teachers.

It also rules impressive cleavage, milkshakes and people with big, round, pale faces — just like the Moon. If you are strongly lunar you have a stellium in Cancer and the Moon makes exact patterns or aspects in your chart then you could make a career in a school or hospital. You may devote yourself to full-time parenting. At the legendary Cleo magazine, where I once worked in Australia, we had our periods in unison, and the office imploded.

Once a month you have your Lunar Return. The Moon returns to the same sign and degree number where it originally stood in your birth chart, all those years ago. If you want to fully understand what your Moon Sign and House is all about, track what happens at those times. If you have the Moon in Aries, once a month, the Moon will turn up in Aries and you will find your Me Agenda takes over your life for a couple of days.

You can read more about your Moon Sign further on in the book. It shows, specifically, how you need to be needed. If your Moon Sign is part of a stellium in your birth chart you have more than three factors there you will be powerfully lunar. You care.

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You protect. You nurture. Your Moon Sign reveals how you play mother. This applies to men too. The phases of the Moon change over a Women also have periods every month — about 29 days. It reveals how you feed, nurture and care for people, either alone or in groups.

It describes how you look after babies, children and animals. You learn how to express your Moon Sign from your mother, stepmother or grandmother, for better or worse. If your Moon has hard-work aspects in your birth chart, then mothering others may also be hard work for you. You are. Your Moon Sign may be the same as one of her dominant signs, too. You are Boadicea, fighting for your family or your people, using yourself as the attack or defence. You are frequently found in black nylon tights, fighting for your rights.

You are Sir Lancelot, too, whose reputation precedes him, leading the battle cry as you gallantly look after your version of Queen Guinevere. You were born to be upfront, putting yourself well ahead of the pack, pushing and thrusting your way forward, on behalf of who or what you care about. This is a brilliant Moon sign for anyone in uniform. Moon in Aries people fight for you by fighting against someone or something else, which is why you are so gifted at politics, the emergency services, the armed forces, sport or cutthroat business.

If you have this Moon sign, life is a challenge. Sometimes the issue is personal. A lifelong feud with your ex, or his. You find it hard to back down or just walk away. The way you dress, walk, shape your body, have your hair and put your best face forward is unusually important to you. Your name and title also matter a lot. They work hard for you. You have no time for wimps. Moon in Aries people overhear an argument, or see a fight, and wade in using themselves as the weapon. You may rush in where angels fear to tread if you have this Moon sign.

You are fast and furious by nature and that tendency increases when you have children, or become a babysitter, aunt, uncle, stepparent or godparent. Bullies tremble when they see you. You fight like a tiger if your young are threatened. You can be too pushy, too noisy, too inflammatory fanning the flames when there is heat on the internet for some. Adrenaline pumps into your bloodstream when you are scared or angry — on behalf of others more than yourself — and before you know it, you are branded a human battering ram. Are you a pushy parent? Do you go nuts when your children are playing sport?


If you care deeply about someone, you will find a way to give them money, make them money or save it for them. Sometimes the issue is not money, it is precious possessions; a house; an apartment. It is your way of showing that people matter to you. Even your animal companions are given gifts and treats, more frequently than others — or on a bigger scale.

Fido can be a fatso, as a result. If money is too tight to mention, you will grow flowers, bake bread or knit jumpers. You need to feel needed by those who are genuinely needy, most of all. Never doubt how important this is to people who depend on you. Moon in Taurus people have a reputation for being tight with money or obsessed with it. This only happens when you are so generous with others that you end up miscalculating and panic. You have a strong set of values and you do not budge once you have decided what those values are.

You stubbornly resist change if it threatens you and yours. You plant your feet on the ground and simply refuse to move. You can be the snorting bull who digs her hooves in the mud — forever. Sometimes, change is good, though. Fear of losing what you have, or what you hold on behalf of others, can make you a hoarder. You may even become grasping. It should not rule your life, nor your happiness. You are a natural environmentalist or conservationist and believe in preserving wilderness and the oceans, because they are priceless.

You are the human internet, who connects people to each other using Twitter, your e-mail account or your smartphone. You always know the real story and you know how to tell it, as well. People listen and read attentively, because Moon in Gemini is the mother of all writers, conversationalists, public speakers or…gossips. You talk to animals, who are not supposed to understand except they do and to very small children who have not said their first word.

Children, godchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren all benefit from your vocabulary, because you do not believe in dumbing down just because someone is…aged two. You choose your words very carefully because you know they can heal or hurt. You use the English language like a bandage, or a nip of brandy in an emergency.

You are the person who delivers the eulogy at the funeral or says exactly the right thing, at the wake. You always know what to put in the card, or within the Twitter word limit. If you have a stellium in Gemini, then your way with words, ideas or images may be a job. You are a natural translator and may be very good with foreign languages or gifted at translating difficult concepts into plain English.

The Moon in Gemini has been compared to a monkey, chattering and jumping around. You are more like a bumblebee, collecting ideas, news, gossip and information — then buzzing across to the next location to drop it. You can seem mentally busy — as busy as a bee in fact. It is very important that you are convinced of what you know and believe in — at a deep, core level — before you start selling the message or talking it up.

You are a gifted storyteller who can sometimes create a story, or whip up a drama, to entertain yourself and others. Turning everything into an episode of Eastenders, Girls or Neighbours stops you being bored, but think before you blather. You accommodate people if you care about them. You are the hostess who always has the spare bedding ready and can find something in the pantry, no matter what time a guest arrives.

You make a house or apartment into a home and may be a very good amateur decorator, builder, gardener or architect. I knew someone with the Moon in Cancer who was a lollipop man at a local school, for years.

You understand that in order to feel safe, everybody needs a home or family. A hometown, homeland or clan. You know that can be interpreted in many different ways and will do your best to deliver it, to those who need it. You know how refugees feel — or the homeless. The Cancer glyph looks like a pair of breasts, or a pair of encircling arms. People feel nourished by you, when you hold them. They feel protected.

You may also be drawn to your history and culture, through antiques or retro objects. The past is always better than the present, to you. Your nostalgia shows up in your CD collection. In Scotland this is porridge. In Sydney it is barbecued seafood. In New York you might have bagels. You like a solid home, built from brick and made to last. No other Moon Sign is as concerned with the emotional value of a home as you are. Or a hometown, or homeland. Why be the parent, godparent, aunt, uncle or grandparent who goes over the top?

You may have mother hang-ups, too. What kind of mother did you have, or do you have? There is huge maternal instinct here, for children, godchildren, stepchildren, nieces, nephews or adopted children. You are here to lead your heirs by example. You may be less interested in making them chicken soup so grubby! So much toil! You believe the younger generation are special, because you are their monarch. They become The Chosen Ones, even if there are 40 of them in a crowded classroom. You put on a good show. You would not want to let your young entourage down by appearing vulgar, or rude, or badly behaved.

Time and again you stop your basic instincts, because there is a little voice telling you that you must set an example. And not just any old example. A royal one. A special one. A noble, stately and dignified one! You are the lion-hearted ruler, strong and fearless, in any family or household. You rule from your special armchair, and when you take the lead, others follow. Because they respect you — and you are right. Leo is a fixed sign and if you have the Moon here, unless your birth chart is very different, you will have fixed opinions.

It takes a great deal for you to change your mind or alter your course in life. This is the Moon in Leo way. You prefer the good stuff in your home. You secretly think some people are just peasants. Nothing causes the Moon in Leo person more anxiety than marrying and dividing the church up into her family, his family — and the embarrassing, great unwashed. Do we have to invite Cousin Ted if he just got out of jail?

If you care about someone you will serve them. If you feel protective towards them, you will work for them, as if they were actually paying you a salary. You do your duty by animals too, almost as if they were your furry employers. Housework and work are instinctive, and you can be maid or butler to anyone who triggers your maternal instinct.

You are superb in any organisation, department or institution which needs people to make the wheels go around. You believe in a good job, done well, and need to be useful. You often become indispensable. You care a great deal about food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers, surgeons, fitness, gyms, yoga and the rest. When the people around you are ill especially children you hit the internet and become Doctor DIY for the night.

You take the cat to the vet and become James Herriot. Your children, godchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren or similar, need to understand that you were not put on earth to run errands for them and attend to endless lists and chores. You can fall into this trap very easily, especially if you are new to parenting or substitute parenting.

Good luck, trying to have a dinner party with Moon in Virgo people or Sun in Virgo people, come to that. There will inevitably be guests who also have Uranus or Pluto in Virgo too, if they were born in the Sixties. Gluten tolerant? Gluten intolerant? Low Carbohydrate? No matter when you were born, it may be necessary to stop your life every so often and get off to review it. You look after the people you care about, by attending to the tiny details of daily life, but it is all too easy to become bogged down in them and forget there are other things you could be doing with your time.

Like Jeeves the butler in the P. Wodehouse Jeeves and Wooster series, you attend to the fine details of daily existence with the aim of perfect service. You put the trivia into Trivial Pursuit, though. You may need to get over it. You show you care, by going out of your way to make sure the deal with your partner is fair and square. Your marriages, relationships or work partnerships are based on sensitive negotiation of mutual space, shared interests and common ground. You are drawn towards duets and double acts of all kinds, even from childhood. Your first two-way street may be with a brother, sister or friend.

Later on, you start dating young, so you can explore the see-saw with people who are different to you — yet your equal. If you care about people you will treat them as your equals. You feel deeply for people who suffer from sexism or racism, for this reason. The Moon in Libra and the Seventh House is also about fighting for fairness.

It is quite wrong to say that Libra is associated with peace. You will go to war, to have justice. The Moon in Libra person always has a house or apartment which is a compromise. Your living space is an example of what happens when two people must please each other, as well as themselves. With this Moon sign, you may give the spare room to your husband, while you have the She Shed in the garden. Or — your wife may be mistress of the bedroom quite literally while you are the lord of the kitchen. You see both sides, when you care about someone.

This is particularly true with children, godchildren, stepchildren or young relatives. The arrival of godchildren, nieces, nephews, children, stepchildren or children makes you rush out to buy a Will Kit. You translate caring into cash, precious possessions and even cars, houses and apartments.

It is hard to separate your maternal instinct from money. You need the intensity and intimacy of marriage, because of the life insurance and the mortgage, the joint bank account and the legacies. You care deeply, passionately, emotionally and financially — most of all. You are not particularly suited to those casual arrangements with lovers, where they cruise past with a toothbrush. You would make a superb accountant or bank manager, because you understand that paperwork is about human passion.

You appreciate the risks as well as the gains. Scorpions have a very particular way of mating. They can eat each other or sting each other to death. Sex is never just sex to scorpions. It is dangerous. It is about power. It is also about trust. You understand this in your relationships, your friendships, your partnerships, your family life and perhaps in your line of work — depending on your career choices. You have a feeling for the undercurrents which run underneath the bed sheets. The right lover for you will respect this. The wrong one will never really get to your hidden depths, and that sells you short, emotionally, sexually or psychologically.

You will happily power trip the whole planet, when your children, godchildren or young relatives are at stake. Animals, too. You can be venomous, like a real scorpion. Positively poisonous, in fact. You scare people because they see the sting in your tail. This gives you the advantage, but it can also intimidate potential lovers. Expect trembling. You believe in comforting people by passing on what you know — which is actually what you believe. It may be religion. It may be astrology. It may be a firm belief that there is no God and that only science can make it all better.

You hand out advice like hot chocolate. You lend your books or recommend websites. You may suggest they take the same workshop or course that you did. After all, it worked for you! You have such tremendous faith in your philosophy of life that you trust it will help friends, relatives or lovers as much as it helped you. Conversions satisfy you greatly. You are extremely good at making people feel comfortable about cultural, racial or national differences. You put people at ease, so there are none of the usual worries about language barriers, or the big multicultural divide.

You are a great travel companion. You come into your own on the road. You are also an excellent host when foreigners come to town. You show them round and ask about their city. You cover a lot of ground with your children, godchildren or young relatives. You take them on holiday with you or set aside your air miles so they can see Paris. You believe it is better to travel than arrive, and you believe every journey is also an opportunity to travel in the mind. If there is no money or time to achieve this for your family, your lovers or your friends, you will find other ways to cover a lot of ground.

This is the National Geographic Moon sign. Sagittarius rules the thighs in old astrology. It seems appropriate for someone like you, who walks, hikes, cycles and rides with such enthusiasm. Heaven help us when you want to give one of your lectures — or sermons. Of course, plenty of Moon in Sagittarius people know they have a reputation for this holier-than-thou approach. Good old astrology has taught you to shut up, when you secretly long to dole out your views. You can be cult prone. Watch out for that. You need to be needed by your boss, your lecturer, your most important colleagues or your best clients.

You feel most comfortable looking after people in highly structured organisations, like corporations, universities or government departments. You are first on the scene, ready to offer a comforting hand on a shoulder, when there is a redundancy, a resignation or a promotion. You are a great comfort to people who are trying to get the top or stay there. This also applies to the fine art of social climbing. You never feel comfortable about applying your tender touch to those who are either at the bottom of the scrapheap or doomed to fail. Why bother with the wannabes or losers?

You understand how a hierarchy works and move slowly and carefully from one level to another, always helping, always climbing. When the boss wants tea and sympathy, you run to the kettle. You need to be needed by the right people. And that means the top people. As some astrologers have pointed out over the years, this can make you look like a crawler, chasing people for your own purposes — rather than a genuine friend. You sincerely care about making everything a success. The trick is choosing something that other people like, respect and actually need.

The work has to be worth it. The career has to be genuinely helpful to humanity. You can read more about these transits to your Capricorn Moon, elsewhere in this book. If you already had your life- changing Pluto transit to your Capricorn Moon, then you will have seen a total and sweeping transformation of your mission, ambition and position since Your friends are like family.

You have platonic friends opposite gender who are like siblings or cousins. Your same-sex friendships can feel like parent-child relationships sometimes. You need your friends, to need you. It fulfils you. Friends with dodgy mothers, or those who sadly lost their mothers when young, gravitate towards you. People who need nurturing are all over your dinner parties. You adopt them.

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You circulate among friends and acquaintances and this pumps oxygen into the club, the team, the band, the class, the social media, the society, the association, the tribe. Aquarius is an air sign and back in , the astrologer Margaret Hone was telling us it ruled the circulatory system. You are a human air conditioner. You are a friend only for the sake of friendship.

Moon in Aquarius people typically belong to more than one small community of people and have detached acquaintances which go on for years. They want to reform their local area, country, or the world. The petition or the street march is where they feel truly at home. You can put group goals — like the ambitions of a political party — before lovers, children or family sometimes. You have to ask yourself if you really are the humanitarian the astrology books talk about, when this happens. John Lennon is our go-to example for the Moon in Aquarius. He was great with The Beatles, the fans and saving the world with Apple.

He was not so great with his first wife, Cynthia. An Aquarius in the Roman Empire was the hydraulic engineer in charge of aqueducts, which fed the public baths. This remote, detached quality is common with Moon in Aquarius people. You also think about the good of the group, or the cause, all the time. The Mother Hen of the Drinking Den! How about an umbrella? You all get happily smashed together in a cloud of incense and talk about T. If you avoid drugs, cigarettes and alcohol for health reasons, then you may be more at home with meditation, psychic readings or spiritual healing.

They also allow you and everybody else to escape from the real world. You can also take people scuba-diving or surfing, or invite them into your fantasy sci- fi world, via Star Trek and Dr. You love headphones. You tell people what their dreams mean and give them intuitive messages. It shows you care. You have a feeling for their soul or spirit. You understand the subconscious mind, but also the chakras, the aura and the astral body.

If you are a Christian, you care for their spiritual welfare. If you are psychic, then you use that to follow the hunches that keep your lovers, relatives, friends or colleagues safe. Your nose twitches at the first hint of a threat, like the star of Bewitched. You keep secrets. Everything you are told, goes into the vault. This is another way of showing that you care. People can share their thoughts, feelings and memories with you. You are the invisible and reassuring voice in the confessional box. You respect their invisible friends.

Your greatest gift is operating behind the scenes, as Miss or Mr. Invisible, without credit or recognition — for others. Not everybody at work wants to have your rainbow crystal hitting them in the head when they walk past the office windows. Until then, this is the scoop on how they trigger judgement calls about your former, current or potential lover. Moons rule pregnancy and periods. And I mean that in every conceivable way. Your sign in the first column will be affected when there is a New Moon or Full Moon in the sign written next to it.

Eyeball love then! Not every New Moon is useful. Some of them are precious gifts, though, designed to help you on your way. What you want is a nice, bright, shiny New Moon in the house of your chart which is relevant to your launch. Make sure this house is in good shape and check that there is nothing else going on that gets in the way.

Check your transits. Know your Dates with Destiny. Make sure your Fifth House is in okay shape in your birth chart — and that there is nothing major in Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio creating squares and oppositions to obstruct you. You would expect there to be a spectacular, rare pattern on the day that the first human being walked on the Moon — and there was. Jupiter and Uranus were exactly conjunct in Libra, the sign of partnerships.

Two men walked on the Moon but only one man could be first to take one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. The mission took two, in order to win the space race for America. It taught the world a very Libran lesson, that in order to win a contest or beat an enemy, two must unite as one, even though only one can be first.

Eclipses are cover-up jobs. You will not be shown what you need to see. People hide the truth on eclipses. It may directly affect you, so someone around you is obscuring the facts, or you may be affected through six degrees of separation. The wedding was sandwiched between two eclipses. The first eclipse took place on Friday, July 17th, The second one occurred on Friday, July 31st, Somewhere between the wedding cake icing and the honeymoon, everything was hidden from the cheering crowds.

I have referenced the passing of the Princess elsewhere in this book. It happened just before a solar eclipse, two days later. More mystery. In , America went eclipse crazy. Even the Peanuts comic strip mentioned it. Lee Harvey Oswald was fired from his job at Wm. The total solar eclipse the following day, Saturday, July 20 th , , was witnessed across the United States, but nobody witnessed what was really going on with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald worked erratic hours, was frequently absent and was always late for work — but he was never penalised and was always paid in full. How very peculiar. Polls show that most Americans do not accept the official verdict on the assassination of President John F.

Kennedy, even today. Another cover-up — but what was concealed? On December 10 th , , we saw a partial lunar eclipse in Gemini which rules telephones and tape recordings, and also the media and Sagittarius. As with the New Moon and Full Moon, there is no blanket reading. You have to put eclipses in context. If the Sun and Moon hit difficult patterns in your horoscope, or the horoscopes of particular countries, the cover-up can change history. When Lee Harvey Oswald was fired from the last job he had, before going to Texas, the total eclipse the following day saw the Sun and Moon at 27 Cancer.

President John F. Kennedy was born on May 29 th , at pm in Brookline, Massachusetts with Saturn at 27 Cancer. If JFK had seen an astrologer about his Texas tour schedule and she had seen that eclipse on his Saturn she would have immediately dug into her filing cabinet and found the chart for the United States. It would not have been unusual for a world leader to see an astrologer.

Reagan did. For many years, during the s, he was a member of the National Institute for Discovery Sciences, which of course was owned by billionaire Robert Bigelow. NIDS was a very important organization back then and brought scientific rigor to many interesting areas of research connected to UFOs and beyond.

The mystery of the black triangles, for instance. And most famously the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, something Davis was very much involved in studying. Davis is also a close associate of Dr. Hal Puthoff, who owns the scientific company Earthtech. Puthoff of course has an extensive career in science and the world of intelligence.

He is an expert on Zero Point Energy and what is called spacetime metric engineering. Think about that for a moment. And he has also has worked closely with Bigelow on a number of occasions. As stated, this note is dated October 16, The two were set to meet at 10 a. Wilson himself was in civilian clothing.

Davis began asking Wilson about a very important meeting dating from April At the time, it was known only to a very few people. But it involved UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and a U. Navy Lt. Later in the notes, Wilson gives the same date. Leon is a historian and researcher of archaeology, human and ancient history, biology, Egyptology and religious philosophy. He has been invited to speak about the Ancient Alien subject at various conferences, and both radio and television.

Leon has a B. A fro m Washington University in St. He is a professional drummer playing and recording music throughout his adult life. Checkout the links below and stay tuned for an amazing outro by no one other than John Konesky from the famed band Tenacious D. Kyle takes us through his personal UFO experiences and what eventually led to the creation of the YouTube channel. Perhaps the only thing more curious than the news that the U. Navy is establishing new guidelines for reporting UFO s ightings is the decision to let the public know.

For decades, we have assumed government secrecy on such matters. Guesses include U. When that happens, covering it up—especially given the human tendency to pass on amazing stories—can cause more trouble than reporting it. The second worry would be that they were. If China or Russia had developed a force-field propulsion technology, whatever that is, they could use their new power for ill, as they have in the past.

Jay Cochran, Jr. To be clear, this is not evidence that the FBI endorsed the existence of Bigfoot, any more than the U. The bizarre claim came after one UFO enthusiast believed he spotted buildings on the dwarf planet located between Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is only the size of Texas wi th a mile diameter and is made up of ice and rock and is thought to have been present when the solar system was beginning to form 4. Images from NASA appear to show a strange ridge along the South Pole of the tiny planet, and one person believes the unusual mark to be buildings.

Prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring made the claims, even going so far as to say Ceres might be populated by our ancient ancestors. The southern pole is littered with structures everywhere. Ceres is only the size of Texas with a mile diameter and is made up of ice and rock and is thought to have been present when the solar system was beginning to form 4. Perhaps these are our ancient descendants and they placed humanity on earth to create an experiment that would allow them to watch and learn from us, thus learning about their own early evolution.

Alas for those who might be tempted to make the leap, such sightings are not evidence of life on other planets. No one doubts that the pilots are seeing something, but psychologists and specialists in aviation medicine say there are plenty of reasonable explanations for such sightings other than extraterrestrial beings.

Another possibility is that the pilots were seeing some sort of experimental drone or other advanced technology about which they had not been briefed. Or, the objects were simply satellites, such as those launched in May by the Elon Musk-founded company SpaceX.

The modern quest for signs of extraterrestrial life is said to have been launched about , when Nobel Prize-winning physicist Enrico Fermi posed a provocative question to some colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory. And pilots with the U. Navy saw fast-moving UFOs repeatedly off the East Coast throughout and , in one case apparently nearly colliding with one of the mysterious objects, The New York Times reported earlier this week.

The Navy pilots said some UFOs reached hypersonic speeds without any detectable exhaust plumes, suggesting the possible involvement of super-advanced propulsion technology. He pointed out, for example, that the sightings occurred off the coast, as did a similar observation unveiled in conjunction with the December stories. That previous sighting occurred near San Diego. So, while the odds may be long that any UFO witnessed to date was an extraterrestrial craft, it's far from crazy to suspect that intelligent aliens are out there somewhere or at least were out there somewhere, at some point during the Milky Way's billion-year history.

This Ex-U. Official Thinks They Warrant Mellon is uniquely qualified to assess such threats. When the Nimitz pilots got back to the aircraft carrier, no one took their report seriously. It was extraordinary that when the [Nimitz] pilots landed, that they were ridiculed. There was no interest expressed on the part of the intelligence personnel on board, in terms of documenting this, running this up the chain.

It was the inverse of what you would normally expect. And here we have a case where incredible technology is manifesting itself, intelligently controlled vehicles operating in and around the carrier battle group—and the system doesn't react. It shuts down. It tries to suppress the information. Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant security of defense for the Clinton and George W.

Bush administrations, claims that the government needs to thoroughly investigate nationwide reports of flying unidentified objects, given the sheer quantity in recent years. Believed to be the ninth planet from the Sun, no one has ever seen Planet Nine, but the planet is theorised to be 10 times bigger than Earth. An unseen planet this big wo uld explain why some Kuiper objects appear to clump together as if experiencing the gravity of a large planet.

But Caltech Profess Michael Brown, who originally came up with the Planet Nine theory, is certain astronomers are not too far off from discovering the planet. Politico was first to report on the Navy's new directions for reporting unexplained objects operating in the same environment as its vessels and aircraft. Politico's Bryan Bender writes The Washington Post did their own follow-up to Politico's story, stating: Recently, unidentified aircraft have entered military-designated airspace as often as multiple times per month, Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for office of the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, told The Washington Post on Wednesday.

We need to try to find ways to prevent it from happening again. Ideal test conditions What most don't realize is that the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group wasn't just equipped with some of the most advanced sensors the world had to offer, but that it also had hands-down the most advanced networking and computer processing capability of any such system. Dubbed Cooperative Engagement Capability CEC , this integrated air defense system architecture was just being fielded on a Strike Group level for the first time aboard Nimitz and the rest of its flotilla.

Stanton Terry Friedman July 29, — May 13, [1] was a nuclear physicist and professional ufologist who resided in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident. Friedman was the first civilian to document the site of the Roswell UFO incident,[5] and supported the hypothesis that it was a genuine crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. House of Representatives that the evidence sugg ests that Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial vehicles.

Friedman contested the implicit premise of SETI that there has been no extraterrestrial visitation of the planet, because it was his claim that SETI was seeking only signals, not extraterrestrial intelligence or beings. Friedman was outspoken in his articulation of positions and in his criticism of UFO debunkers, often stating he was not an "apologist ufologist".

Personal life Friedman was married twice. He adopted three children with his first wife and had one daughter with his second wife, Marilyn. Friedman relocated to Marilyn's native Fredericton, New Brunswick in the early s. Edward Teller. It is all BUNK. May 18 and 19th: Skydancer: cowboys and aliens. He brings a strong "investigative aspect" to the UF O phenomena. The short version is, I'm in Texas private investigator. I quit college and volunteered during the Vietnam War. While I was in the military, I was" sheet dipped" into the Company. I'm remained in covert operations in the CIA for two years.

My involvement with UFO phenomena started at age 4 and it ended violently at age For 13 years I had a pretty rough go of the abduction phenomena. I was okay with that until they came and got my son. I went from the victim, to the alien hunter. I discovered the implant phenomena in at age I was a recipient of one such object. I was conscious during the event. And at discovered that the aliens left a florescent trace on their victims if they physically took them somewhere.

I've conducted 25 surgeries worldwide, looking for the alien implants. The last surgical intervention was in new Delhi, India. The search continues. Derrel Sims, R. The Alien Hunter www. COM: www. The proposal was not accepted. However, this proposal was not accepted by the then president-elect. Dr Chi believes that there are four types of aliens: small; tall and bold; aliens with scales and snake eyes; and finally, insect-like aliens. The latter of these seems to be the highest in the hierarchy, he said, and gives orders to the lower ranks.

He brings a strong "investigative aspect" to the UFO phenomena. Navy drafting new guidelines for reporting UFOs The service says it has also 'provided a series of briefings by senior Naval Intelligence officials as well as aviators who reported hazards to aviation safety. Navy is drafting new guidelines for pilots and other personnel to report encounters with "unidentified aircraft," a significant new step in creating a formal process to collect and analyze the unexplained sightings — and destigmatize them.

The previously unreported move is in response to a series of sightings of unknown, highly advanced aircraft intruding on Navy strike groups and other sensitive military formations and facilities, the service says. Air Force] takes these reports very seriously and investigates each and every report. A new message to the fleet that will detail the steps for reporting is in draft. They will dump [the data] because that is not a traditional aircraft or missile.

Just talking shit! Fearing they were being chased, Shields and a woman, Katherine McCloskey, ran to a nearby home where the homeowner got the gun from them and called The quick back story on this: After the sudden onset of an unknown, debilitating illness, Janel Sturzl was hospitalized in the fall of After being transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, it was discovered that Janel had been poison by lethal levels of thallium.

Sadly, on December 22, , Janel Sturzl passed away from the effects of the poisoning. Back to the Lazar search; for me, one of the most intriguing details of the report comes from the inference that, at least initially, Bob Lazar was being viewed as a suspect by the FBI. To be clear, nothing from the report makes me think law enforcement thought Lazar was directly involved in the murder of Janel Sturzl. The basis for my saying this comes from several items listed in the Laingsburg Police report.

The whacky idea was put forward by conspiracy theorists who believe aliens are using the Moon as a base to m onitor Earth. The image in question appears to show an orb-like object near to the surface of the Moon. Mr Waring believes this is proof that aliens are residing on our natural satellite, and NASA is trying to keep this a secret from the public. These specks of dandruff can be anything from bits of chipped paint drifting aimlessly in zero gravity, flakes of ice or part of a spaceship that has broken off.

They continued to follow Dawson and in an attempt to learn something about the crafts propulsion system Dawson and friend fired a hand held laser at the craft in hopes of video recording light beam deviation. The aliens retaliated at Dawson by invading and ransacking his home as he lay paralyzed but watching. A year later they returned while Daw son was at work. A disk approached Dawson as he hid for his life. From Dawson hiding spot he captured images of a portal window on the UFO with 2 beings staring out at him.

The disk backed away and 10 minutes later a monolithic mother craft flew right over his head. A city embedded onto the surface of a V shaped meteor. The video footage has yielded several types of huge biological entities, alien architecture, refinery processes, ship docking bays, power orbs beings charged at a docking bay.

The footage included in this book has mystified the experts and been verified as authentic by multiple researchers. A felony offense to falsify such a report. The aliens continue to make an appearance at the same time every year regardless of where Dawson is. Dawson has survived 2 attempts at his life and his friend in the laser test died mysteriously 6 months after filming Dawson's Man Escapes Alien Abduction Video on YouTube.

Dawson's encounter has received world wide media attention and Dawson has been the guest on many Radio Shows sharing his story. The images featured in this book are powerful and disturbing. Dawson made a decision to put his story in a book so that even if he dies the story can live on. In a his bizarre account he briefly visited their alien planet by entering an dimensional portal. The conversation he had with the ET implies that soon we will all be meeting the ET.

Dawson was ask for a genetic sample that included having a sexual encounter with a female Lyrian Geneticist. Dawson requested a world wide display of alien presence to initiate their arrival and further contact with our world. Big O returns with some news and updates on his travels. The used the former's phone to capture images of the sighting. Additionally, Rodriguez also told reporter Hector Escalante that he suffered a "painful hea dache" after seeing the object.

Alien enthusiast Scott Waring analyzed the photo taken by Rodriguez, and he suggested that such type of UFO has been observed in South America several times already. According to Waring, the UFO is a type of "godlike" alien species. Up close it seems like a bright orange light. Since it is too bright, many people could mistake it for the Sun during sunset. Some speculations about the visit of the supposed "godlike" aliens include preventing humanity's horrible future, abducting them and teaching them about the possible ending in the future.

Inexplicata further said that this type of UFO sighting in the country is mostly observed in areas rich in water and vegetation. This would make the incident the only UFO or alien abduction case to be part of a criminal investigation. Event: 9th November near Livingston. The Encounter of Robert Taylor Robert Taylor decided to pull his vehicle to the side of the road so he could stretch his legs, and allow his dog to do the same.

He did so, on a quiet road near to the M8 motorway. It appeared to be floating, slightly above the tops of the trees. The craft was close enough that he could make out the rough sandpaper-like texture of the black metallic material. He noticed two objects that had fallen to the ground from the main craft. Of more concern to Taylor, he could feel a pulling sensation on his body — as if the craft was dragging him towards it. The next thing he knew, he was alone on the clearing floor.

The object had vanished. After gathering his thoughts, Taylor made his way to his vehicle. Although some time had passed, it stood in the spot he had left it. It was a short joy, however. Try as he might, the car would no longer start as if drained of power by an unknown source. He would continue his journey on foot. When he arrived home, his family was aghast at his torn clothing, as well as the cuts and bruising to his face and arms. The short video below looks at the incident itself in a little more detail.

Robert Taylor passed away in , but there remains an interest in his story. Why the methane is there is still a bewildering mystery. It may even point to present-day Martian microbes living in the rocks below the surface. The Curiosity mission initially cast more doubt on the methane claims, as it detected very little of the gas, about 0. Then in , the levels jumped by a factor of The following January, levels fell back to below 1 part per billion. The methane disappeared so quickly, and the usual levels are so low, that scientists are now trying to explain how methane could have been destroyed so quickly.

The alien spacecraft, in his op inion, could contain a treasure-trove of information and secret technologies. The alleged evidenc e comes in the form of a stone carving of a face, which is roughly one and a half metres in height. This has drawn comparisons from conspiracy theorists with the huge figures of Easter Island, and is evidence that a civilisation once conquered the Red Planet.

This sculpture was placed on a hill in a way that it can overlook a large area of Mars. The face above is about 1. There may actually be more of the sculpture buried below the dirt, much like the Easter Island statues also had full bodies, but the bodies were buried below the dirt so only the heads were visible. Reasons why Planet Nine exists There is proof that shows us that a ninth planet could exist. The first time Planet Nine was mentioned was back in , in a paper written by astrophysicists Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown. Back then, they d iscovered that in the Kuiper Belt region comets and asteroids orbit in the same direction, and, more than that, they had their orbits tilted in the same way.

They are trying to find more evidence for their theory, and, at the same time, they try to determine the size of the mysterious planet. Scientists believe that Planet Nine is five times larger than planet Earth, and its orbit is supposed to be beyond Neptune. This hypothetical Neptune-sized planet orbits our Sun in a highly elongated orbit far beyond Pluto.

The object, which the researchers have nicknamed "Planet Nine," could have a mass about 10 times that of Earth and orbit about 20 times farther from the Sun on average than Neptune. It may take between 10, and 20, Earth years to make one full orbit around the Sun. The announcement does not mean there is a new planet in our solar system. The existence of this distant world is only theoretical at this point and no direct observation of the object nicknamed "Planet 9" have been made.

The mathematical prediction of a planet could explain the unique orbits of some smaller objects in the Kuiper Belt, a distant region of icy debris that extends far beyond the orbit of Neptune. Astronomers are now searching for the predicted planet. Masters understands this study may be considered fringe science, but he defends the research in the book. The six-part series is expected to premiere in May. Unidentified will feature newly authenticated evidence and footage of UFOs, as well as interviews with eyewitnesses and former military personnel.

Probably not. This is a mind-warpi ng idea that there are alien civilizations out there no, not on Oumuamua that know all about us, but purposefully hide from us. Beli ef in the little green men or tall, suspiciously Nordic, hyper-enlightened space brethren, depending on whose accounts you believe has long been a one-way ticket to social disrepute. A new book by D. This in itself does not necessarily make a new religion. Americans also believe, to varying degrees, in ghosts, Atlantis, and telekinesis.

But according to Pasulka, UFO beliefs display other classic indicators of religion: sacred sites, sacred revelations, and testimony by credible witnesses to miraculous events. They expropriate aspects of the religions they protest, and repurpose them in ways that allow participants to directly manipulate the sacred. Whether ufology will fully morph into what we currently recognize as religion is still an open question. For one thing, the completion of the process would detract from its current appeal.

Now 45 years later, for the first time, a witness is coming forward saying she saw this alien encounter. On Oct. I really think that I was abducted by some kind of life form from another planet. On the same October night, not far from where the marker will be placed on the east bank of the river, Maria Blair was waiting with her husband Jerry Blair waiting for him to leave on a boat to work off shore.

While they were waiting Jerry went to sleep and Maria saw what she describes as strange, a blue light streaking back and forth. In Maria Blair and Calvin Parker were separated by a river. Now with a 45 year old secret washed under the bridge, Maria met Calvin face to face for the first time at the same spot on the Pascagoula River where the alleged abduction occurred.

The ambitious international project will scan the cosmos through thousands of individual satellite dishes and up to a million low-frequency antennas. Louis Crane, a mathematician from Kansas State University, recently authored a study saying that scientis ts could use gamma telescopes to find "advanced alien civilisations".

He believes that aliens — given their superior technology — are using Hawking radiation from black holes to power their spaceships. Crane states that scientists should start tracking objects operating on this technology — which could be used by aliens. They are hotter than any other natural object and emit huge amounts of particles and gamma rays due to their interaction with black holes. This could power the ship and bring its acceleration close to the speed of light. Crane told Universe Today: "An advanced civilization would want to harness a microscopic black hole because it could throw in matter and get out energy.

In particular, it could propel a starship large enough to be shielded to relativistic velocities. The habitable zone around a star is a place where temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold, allowing for the formation of molecules that resea rchers believe are crucial to jump-starting life.

The video was shot in broad daylight, and in this eerie footage, the black colored UFO was seen moving slowly across the skies. Adding creepiness to the incident, the unidentified flying object featured in the video can be seen spinning in the air at regular intervals. The video was initially uploaded to YouTube by a user named Daniel Zermeno. The eyewitness revealed that the silent object that he saw during his working hours was deliberately moving in a certain direction. I don't know if it's some kind of drone or some kind of balloon.

I personally have no idea what this is. But judging by the way it moves and everything I can personally concludes that it wasn't a balloon because it wasn't spinning around or anything strange. It was deliberately moving in a certain direction," wrote the eyewitness in the video's description. The head of astronomy at the world-renowned university, Avi Loeb, told Express.

He started by explaining that the most common type of star by far is a relatively small Dwarf Star. And you might think that if there is a civilisation out there they would try to transfer heat and light from the day side to the night side. I think we should be open-minded. We should look for industrial pollution on the atmospheres of other planets and relics from dead civilisations out there. We will be like ostriches burying our heads in the sand. It is evident that SETI faces a hostile mainstream culture in astronomy. An obvious obstacle to identifying our neighbors is the tendency to limit our imagination to what we already know.

The photograph was sent into an alien investi gation organisation, with the eye witness saying of the image which was taken in but has only had the film developed now. You send us a signal first. Conclusions might point to a connection ro the Nimitz incident amd what Cmdr. The question is why. The idea that there are other inhabited worlds in the universe besides our own is an old one, dating back to at least the fourth century B. By , most educated individuals in Europe accepted that extraterrestrial civilizations existed, and during the 19th century, many considered it likely that intelligent life existed on Mars, Venus, and even the moon.

The encounters reported by the early contactees were overwhelming friendly, their aliens benevolent. So, why did things change? Heightened media attention on new reproductive technologies, growing concerns over unregulated human experimentation, and recognition of mental trauma suffered by victims of abuse all helped create a public atmosphere receptive to these new claims. The space agency now believes that it has the scientific knowhow and the engineering expertise to answer the age old question, are we alone?

He recently travelled to Duncan, B. Taylor, who became obsessed with space travel, left a note telling his family he could communicate with extraterrestrials and was going on an interstellar journey — and then vanished. Though he was 32, he still lived with his parents. Granger dropped out of school in the 8th grade, but he was a mechanical genius. He found an abandoned locomotive in the forest and restored it to its former glory. The Province of British Columbia purchased the steam engine for tour and display. On the evening of November 28, , hurricane force winds ripped through Vancouver Island, knocking down power lines.

Granger and his pick-up truck were gone the following morning. He left this note behind: Dear Mother and Father, I have gone away to walk aboard an alien ship as recurring dreams assured a 42 month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return. I am leaving behind all my possessions to you as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instructions in my will as a guide to help.

Love, Granger. Ufology Research, an organization Rutkowski belongs to, has collected and analyzed Canadian UFO report data since Their survey showed that a total of 1, sightings were reported across the country, at a rate of roughly three per day — the fifth highest number since the group began collecting data in The survey also showed that there was an average of two witnesses per UFO sighting and that the sightings lasted about 15 minutes each. Many witnesses were police officers, pilots and other people with keen observational skills.

Science has long tried to answer the question of whether humanity is alone in the universe and astronomers worldwide are searching for clues of extraterrestrial life. Dr Cox appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast, where he was quizzed about his thoughts on the possibility of life outside of Earth. The scientist admitted he likes to entertain the thought of microbial life evolving somewhere on the red plains of Mars or on the moons of Jupiter.

A deed filed with the Lincoln County clerk 's office shows that the crash-site property was transferred to the Dinwiddie Cattle Co. The young men inched closer and the car stopped dead — no headlights, no engine, no ignition, as if the entire electrical system had given out. Personal modesty, which Avi Loeb said he learned growing up on a farm.

And what Loeb calls "cosmic modesty" - the idea t hat it's arrogant to assume we are alone in the universe, or even a particularly special species. He mentions that four TV crews were in this office on the day in the fall when his spaceship theory went viral, and now five film companies are interested in making a movie about his life.

It's a calculation, he explains, supporting his theory that an extraterrestrial spacecraft, or at least a piece of one, may at this moment be flying past the orbit of Jupiter. Since publishing his controversial paper, Loeb has run a nearly nonstop media circuit, embracing the celebrity that comes from being perhaps the most academically distinguished E. So when seemingly every astronomer on the planet was trying to figure out how the interstellar object dubbed 'Oumuamua, Hawaiian for "scout" got to our remote patch of Milky Way, Loeb's extraordinarily confident suggestion that it probably came from another civilization could not be easily dismissed.

Smart aliens might live within 33, light-years of Earth. A new study explains why we haven't found them yet. According to the paper, all searches for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, have examined barely a swimming pool's worth of water from a figurative ocean of signal space. It's fast paced, funny and different. Most of the money went to an aerospace research company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Until the Eiffel Tower was constructed in , the Great Pyramid was the tallest structure in the world. More than two million stones were used in its construction with no stone weighing less than a ton, making it 20 times the weight of the Empire State building.

Conventional theory claims the pyramids were symbolic doorways to the afterlife. Others believe the pyramid was an astronomical observatory, and some say it was a geographical survey instrument. One outlandish theory states the Great Pyramid was a grain elevator. But experts do agree that they were more than just gigantic tombs. Also the size of the pyramids can be seen from the moon. Researchers have found traces of quartz in the Moon rock — a mineral typically not found on the Moon.

The researchers have now suggested the rock made its way to the surface of the Moon after an asteroid slammed into our home world billion of years ago. The launch ended in a catastrophic failure of the shuttle's rockets 73 seconds after liftoff, killing all seven crew members, including Christa McAuliffe, a teacher who would have been the first-ever American civilian to fly in space.

At first, they would interpret it as a shiny rock, not recognizing it as a communication device. If life was seeded artificially on Earth, one may wonder whether the seeders are checking on the outcome. It was apparently initiated at the behest of then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, with most of the funding directed to a Nevada constituent of his. Critics of the proposed disk say more evidence is needed.

In their new model, Planet Nine was replaced by the hypothetical disk, and the objects within it were presumed to be scattered over a wide area. Aliens or hoaxes? The Guardian reported in September that overall interest in UFOs seems to be declining with the number of sightings. Experts say that technology and more government disclosure has contributed to the decrease. Keller resident records 'cigar-shaped' object in the sky In Texas, the 77 UFO sightings in was a steep drop from the reported to the UFO reporting center the previous year.

Among the 77 in , seven were reported in Houston. Despite the drop-off, the witness accounts suggest many Texans still want to believe alien lifeforms visit the planet. Both sites documented declines in worldwide sightings in In Texas, some witness accounts are more dubious than others, such as "UFOs that mimic planes," as one Houston resident reported in August.

Those reports include a "black isosceles triangle with six large, faded lights around the inside of its outline" in Houston in September. The previous month, a Spring resident spotted a "cigar-shaped" object in the sky, matching a similar report made in Keller in UFO sighting in London?

A frightening video has emerged of a possible UFO sighting, revealing mysterious spinning lights and an eerie blue glow shining across the London night sky. The strange footage, taken in Leyton, east London, shows white dots of light spinning in a large circle behind a cloud and moving across the sky.

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A blue glow can also be seen beaming through the cloud, before the dots of light disperse. Some think the lights were coming from the new stadium. And the U. July 4: Buffalo Erie County , p. It was 5 points like a pentagon, each point was green then there was a green point flashing directly in the middle of it, then it changed back to red all in the same spot but this time it was just two dots next to each other two red dots. It took off flashing green. It looked like a disk.

Some examples: Oct. The object made zero noise. As it approached my direction it just skimmed the bottom of the cloud layers, moving through cloud material and lighting it up with the same orange color it was emitting. It sped up and slowed down erratically and quickly, moving very much as a living creature would as apposed to human aircraft or drone would. It was quite strange. Seen a UFO? Label and include in your sketch any details of the object that you saw such as wings, protrusions, etc. Place an arrow beside the drawing to show the direction the object was moving.

Was the object brighter than the sky behind it? How far were you from the object? What are the nearest postal addresses to you? Scientists said Thursday that if water exists on the planet, geothermal heating could create a subsurface ocean where primitive life might exist. The planet — known as Barnard b — is admittedly a bit on the nippy side at degrees below zero.

The planet and its star are nearby in cosmic terms only: At 30 trillion miles from Earth, Barnard's Star is the closest single star to our solar system. It's a barren, frigid world because light from Barnard's Star provides it with only 2 percent of the energy the Earth receives from the sun. Voyager 2 took a different route through the solar system and is now 9. We don't know exactly what they are or where they're from, but here are five suspects: 1. A rapidly spinning neutron star - high magnetic field might produce the strange signals.

Two stars merging - Two neutron stars colliding with each other is another possibility. Blitzar - A blitzar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which collapses under its own weight and forms a black hole. Black hole - Black holes are implicated in many theories - from a neutron star falling into a black hole to a collapsing black hole or dark matter hitting one.

Alien life form- While some believe the signals are entirely natural in origin, others have speculated that they could be evidence of extra-terrestrial activity. How Giorgio A. Tommy Voltaire- A but dramatic but they do list the facts of the case. UFOGuy also onboard. In , it aims to fully test the new defence system b y smashing a spaceship into a rock at 13,mph 6 km per second. Depending on the size of the rock, it could cause a mass extinction event — like the type that wiped out dinosaurs — by sparking a mini ice age.

Target — asteroid Didymos — to see whether it can successfully change the direction of the rock. Using state-of-the-art technology, the spaceship will smash into the smaller satellite at a distance of 11 million km from Earth.

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She made her comments this week during the 40th anniversary of New Zealand's most famous UFO encounter, the so-called 'Kaikoura Lights' sightings on 31 December , which were filmed by an Australian camera crew and enthralled millions of people across the world.

The UFO research network has a co-operation agreement with the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, a joint military, science and aviation body set up by the Chilean government, which also follows a theory that UFO sightings are associated with seismic activity and is investigating the link. The aircraft was flying at an altitude of approximately 4, feet on a clear afternoon with unlimited horizontal visibility, and the air temperature at that height was 50 degrees F 10 C. There was a cloud base above at 10, feet, and a layer of stratuscumulos clouds below.

The helicopter was flying at about knots, or mph. At pm, while filming the terrain, the technician observed a strange object flying to the left over the ocean. Soon both men observed it with the naked eye. They noticed that the velocity and the altitude of the object appeared to be about the same as the helicopter, and estimated that the object was approximately 35 to 40 miles km away.

The technician aimed the camera at the object immediately and zoomed in with the infra red IR for better clarity But it has now become the first country to land on its dark side, a big step in President Xi Jinping's aims to make China a powerhouse of space exploration. The company has targeted a dozen launches in with its rocket, optimized for boosting small satellites and CubeSats into low-Earth orbit.

With this milestone flight, the company appears on track to begin flying customers at some point in , which would make it the first firm to offer suborbital space tourism rides to paying customers. However, Virgin may soon be followed by Blue Origin later this year. The company delayed an uncrewed test flight from December into this month, but officials say it is still on track to begin flying "test passengers" in , although it is not clear when commercial flights will follow.

Blue Origin's launch system will take passengers above km, so there will be no debate about whether customers will "reach space. Any test flights of Starship would be significant, as it seems that SpaceX must demonstrate some hardware before investors and possibly government customers step forward with funds needed to bring the Starship and its large rocket to completion. One of the big questions of is whether additional customers emerge for this ambitious spacecraft and launch system Show Stuff TeePublic Store - Get your UBR goodies today!

The team, some of whom have since been diagnosed with PTSD, said that indentations in the ground, damage to the forest, and abnormal radiation readings proved that these were not mass hallucinations. But now, Dr. According to the source the root of the incident goes back to August , when British SAS commandos made a practice landing inside the USAF base, in a live exercise intended to challenge their American allies — a rare but known practice during the Cold War.

Right, we'll show them what aliens really look like. It was even caught on camera by an Australian film crew who was in the area trying to capture footage of them. Journalist Quentin Fogarty said they were transfixed by the mysterious lights, some of which were the size of a house. The objects even appeared on radar, further confusing air traffic staff. The Muldoon Government said it was squid boats, the moonlight bouncing off cabbages or venus rising - but those who were there aren't convinced.

He said he killed two before being hit with some kind of plasma weapon. He escaped and the military immediately called in special forces. The story however has a grisly end which has fuelled conspiracy theories for decades. In Mr Schneider was found strangled to death in his apartment.

Bizarrely the cause of death was officially said to be suicide. Its iconic rings are so obvious even in small telescopes that they cause gasps from first-time viewers. I can't even tell you how many people have asked if they're real when I show them Saturn through my own 'scope. The look of awe and joy on their faces is one of the biggest reasons I love showing off the planet. Yet that may be its ultimate fate. A new paper predictsthat in the future — perhaps as soon as million years — Saturn's rings may be gone. Or, at least, severely depleted and not at all like they look today.

The crew of Apollo 8 spent 20 hours in orbit, before returning to Earth. Anders, 85, said he's a "big supporter" of the "remarkable" unmanned programmes, "mainly because they're much cheaper". But he says the public support simply isn't there to fund vastly more expensive human missions. What's pushing us to go to Mars? In a statement, Nasa said it was "leading a sustainable return to the Moon, which will help prepare us to send astronauts to Mars".

Nasa really mismanaged the manned programme since the late lunar landings. According to the memo, NASA is working with federal investigators to determine the extent of the breach and who might be respons ible. It said that servers were accessed that contained the personal information of employees that worked at the agency between July and October A bizarre crater appeared on Google Earth earlier this week close to Area 51 and appears man-made with a strange tower emerging out of the huge ditch.

It has been dug out, carved out by humans. You hear about Area 51 as a massive city underneath the ground. This could be linked. The vice president said the military will use the foundation provided by the Air Force, which has been "a magnificent steward of our military space capabilities" and build on that with "space professionals from every branch. Or Alien Impostors? The two pilots on board Virgin Galactic's spacecraft Unity become the company's first astronauts.

Virgin Galactic said the test flight reached an altitude of The spacecraft also carried four NASA-funded technology experiments on board. J Sturckow would receive commercial astronaut wings at a ceremony in Washington, D. The launch is scheduled for a window that will open at p. Lunar footprints Over 8, photos documenting our trips We brought back samples, and learned a ton about lunar geology from them Apparently Steph Curry from the Golden State Warriors has never seen any of these things.

He speculated that the auxiliary facility in the Nevada desert was home to several alien spacecrafts that the US government was interested in understanding. Now, almost 30 years on, Knapp has spilt the beans on something even more shocking that Lazar told him. The more you get to know Bob Lazar, the more you have to face the uncomfortable possibility that he's telling you the truth.

Jeremy Corbell says According to US astronomer Michael Brown, the photographs will help to discover the giant planet. If there is 'planet X' out there, it will in the data collected. It covers 85 percent of the area in space where the planet is supposed to be," the researcher said. This planet is said to be 41 billion kilometers away from the Sun and has a mass about ten times greater than that of the Earth.

Scientists estimate that Planet X orbits the Sun within years Brown and Batygin have not yet achieved any significant success in their search for "Planet X" and have only been able to pinpoint the search area. As Brown claims, however, he is 80 percent sure that the planet can be found soon.

The orb itself is too small to have hosted liquid water, according to NASA. Andrew Basiago, a trial lawyer who stood as an independent candidate for the US presidential elect ion in , has indicated he will contest the next one from But he bizarrely claims that as a child in the s he took part in an alleged CIA programme called Project Pegasus in which he travelled through space and time. Mr Basiago, who claims time travel has been possible since then, said during his college years in the s, he took part in another CIA project — the Mars Jump Room Program — which was part of an alleged secret space programme to send people to Mars.

However, he said he had written a paper — The Discovery of Life on Mars — in , which had evidence of a mass grave on the Red Planet. In he submitted the scientific paper which claimed to prove there were an array of creatures and humanoids living on Mars the the National Geographic Society, but they declined on grounds Mr Basiago was just experiencing pareidolia.

Nicolas Dumont could not be more casual as we chat about alien abductions. In the four years I've been doing this, I've seen about patients, all French, who have shown signs of an abduction. I still see five of them regularly, several years after they first came to me. One of them, Sonia, has been experiencing these kinds of abductions since she was little.

You talk about "beings. After several years of research and interviews, I'm convinced there are. It seems like there are reptile aliens who sometimes provoke terror, other times a kind of love. Then you have the blond humanoids who are very tall and paternal; patients feel good around them. There are also the little gray men, who are particularly invasive and devoid of empathy.

They're the worst because their coldness is very often traumatizing. Some patients also tell me of contact with insectoid creatures, whom they perceive as superior entities—the ones in charge. Fox appears to have been the first major U. There's some nuance here. Colombano really does believe, as Fox News wrote, that aliens "may" have visited planet Earth. Originally interrogated about 4 crimes committed in the region in the s, the retired trucker confessed a total of 79 kidnappings across California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas over a period of 40 years.

In order to confuse his victims even more, he had set up the inside of his truck to look like an operating room and would wear an alien costume. With charges He could face a term of more than years to life in prison if found guilty of all counts. Several of his victims were actually ufo investigators he found hanging out around Area 51 or Roswell. Tommy Voltaire shared If anyone in the military industrial complex is keeping UFO secrets from President Trump, or suggesting he keep quiet about things, they may be in for a rude awakening.

Prominent conspiracy theo rist Scott C Waring was the first to make the sighting. The object shows lots of signs of once being an animal. It also has ribbed sides that are slightly raised as turtles have. However, sceptics and NASA would say the fossil and other similar findings are just the effects of pareidolia — a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

The robotic explorer Osiris-Rex pulled within 12 miles 19 kilometers of the diamond-shaped space rock. It is the first U. A Japanese spacecraft, meanwhile, has been hanging out at another near-Earth asteroid since June, also for samples. This latest rock is named Ryugu and about double the size of Bennu. After becoming gravitationally-trapped, the four potentially interstellar objects — SP25, RR2, SV13, and TL6 — are thought to spend most of their time between the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune. But the authors note that there should be at least 66 possible other interstellar objects in their calculations, ranging in diameter from roughly meters to 10 kilometers in size.

A weather balloon, perhaps? The motionless, cigar-shaped object spotted last we ek near Fort Worth left the witness stumped. And a video of the sighting has since gone viral, opening the door to UFO theories online. It didn't move. I don't think I've ever seen anything in the sky stay that still before, not even for a few seconds, let alone 20 minutes.

Is a space war brewing? According to officials, getting a human-crewed landing to set up a lunar base is the top priority. The news comes just after NASA revealed it plans to take America back to the moon 'to stay' using private firms to run the business. Just yesterday NASA revealed it also wants to return to the moon - and set up for good.

NASA wants to help him. A parallel project called Breakthrough Message is an effort to create a message "representative of humanity and planet Earth". The event occurred as the witness arrived home along the Susquehanna River in York County just after 7 p. They were triangular in shape. Possessed pulsating lights. Their surface was black, but reflective. They flew northwest. Entire encounter took four minutes. Considered filming it with phone but could not get it to focus properly.

Where these actual TR3Bs? Musk has said that he wants to keep the per-ticket cost of traveling to Mars roughly equivalent to the cost of a hous e in the U. SpaceX plans to send a cargo mission to Mars in , followed by a manned mission in A recent survey suggests most Americans aren't quite as adventurous. But in a new interview, he rejected the assertion that a one-way ticket to Mars is an easy ticket out for the rich. The massive artefact was found in the Pla skett crater — a large impact zone on the moon witch is kilometres in diameter. The sighting adds to a growing list of alien-looking objects which have been found on our lunar satellite.

The UFO is dead centre in Plaskett crater. ESA says that crater is km in diameter. The shape and size would be fitting for a craft that travels across the universe. Sitting in the centre of the crater makes me wonder if its been abandoned due to being outdated? Clementine spacecraft images from show the same anomaly. InSight will investigate Mars' interior, so mission team members don't much care about interesting surface features.