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Cancer Horoscope. The talent, creativity, and intuition that flows through you is intense. It's important for you to find your outlet to help get your thoughts and ideas out of your head and into the world!

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Not only will it eat you up if you try to hold back, but you'll be doing the world an injustice by keeping it quiet. You're an incredibly influential person. Understand this, embrace it, and respect it. Use your power to create positivity in the world, and you'll make a significant change!

January 28

At your best: Talented, inspirational, visionary At your worst: Unraveled, myopic, silent. Claim your chill time while the sensitive Pisces Moon is in the cosmic forecast today.

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When it comes to love, this is no moment for extremes. Unfortunately, you end up getting burned. We live in a fallen world. We live in an imperfect planet. And people, being people, are imperfect. It would be a better use of your time to recognize people for who they are and base your idealism on that rather than try to impose limitless idealism and optimism to people that can not in any way live up to that. This is not theory, because if you fail to absorb this lesson and apply it to your love life, you will get your heart broken again, and again, and then again until you finally get a clue.

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  • Those with a birthday on January 28 would be best equipped for a job in theoretical sciences and philosophy. Now, if you were to step outside of academia and you, heaven forbid, work in an industry that requires results, then you need a serious adjustment. You need to hit a moment of truth and totally reconsider how you view things. Otherwise, your career is not going to go anywhere. Theory definitely has its place, but most workplaces in the private sector require results. Act accordingly. People born on the 28 th of January are very idealistic people but they tend to be disappointed easily.


    Not surprisingly, a lot of them start out with a tremendous amount of promise and potential, only to live out their days living entirely mundane and sedate and undistinguished lives. This really is all too bad because they were only able to harness the power of their ideas, then they would be able to go quite far indeed. You are a very imaginative and creative person. You are able to see connections that other people are blind to.

    January 28th Birthday Horoscope

    Not surprisingly, people are drawn to you because you are easily the most optimistic person in the room. While you do have a lot of ideas and you often find yourself excited by those ideas, you ultimately end up disappointing others and yourself. You have to understand that success in life requires not only a great idea. It also needs some sort of implementation.

    Anybody can think of a great idea that looks good on paper. It takes a tremendous amount of power and self-control to turn that idea into something that you can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste.